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No Friends of State; Port City Writers and the Sea

By Tony Wailey

“Their relationship to their own nation state brings us to the ‘’idea of the sea’ and the concept of the Other as the defining features of what characterises them both”

James Connolly in Salford

by Eddie Little

James Connolly was executed by firing squad on the 12 May 1916 for his participation in the Easter Rising. In the early hours of that morning he bade farewell to his wife Lillie and daughter Nora. He remarked, 'Hasn't this been a full life, Lillie, and isn't this a good end?'

Broadside Ballads - Nineteenth Century Ballads from Collections in Manchester

by J.E. Reid

Broadside ballads were the favoured medium for the transfer of information between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. The term ‘broadside’ refers to that material which was printed on one side of paper.

In Manchester I learned the Purpose - John Trevor and the Labour Church

by David Hargreaves

A look at the ideas behind the Labour Church which was established in Manchester in 1891 and lasted in some locations until the First World War.

James Keir Hardie

by Christine Clayton

A tribute to a man who inspired many people to support the causes of socialism, pacifism and feminism, a hundred years since James Keir Hardie died at the early age of 59.

NWLH society publications

issue 40

The latest issue of our magazine - issue #40

Unpopular Resistance

by Alison Ronan

"Up Then Brave Women": Manchester’s radical women 1819-1918

by Michael Herbert.

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Saturday 1st October 2016
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The North West Labour History Society presents a celebration of James Connolly's life expressed through his writings, journalism, historical works, poetry, songs and plays

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