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Alice Foley: In her own words

7th November at 1.30pm
Chorlton History Group, St. Ninians Church, Wilbraham Road, Chorlton M21 0XJ

Readings from 'A Bolton Childhood'

Admission £2

Alice was a leading figure in British trade union history. She became the first women to become a full time trade union official in the Lancashire cotton industry.

She was elected General Secretary of the Bolton Weavers in 1949. She had worked for the Bolton Weavers since 1913 first as a sick visitor and since 1917 in the trade union office.

Alice faced a great deal of prejudice from the male committee which she overcame.

Her autobiography 'A Bolton Childhood ' tells the story of her early life and how she overcame poverty and educated herself through the Labour movement. It is a classic account of working class life and one of the finest female working class autobiographies written in the twentieth century.

"Life was ever meaningful, even if something of a battlefield, and we had abiding faith in the ultimate achievement of

the human race.
" Alice Foley