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Issue 39

1919 Race Riots In Liverpool Chloe Emmott

The beacon of hope: Hyndman Hall Keith Scholey

David Logan MP, Waiting for War: Liverpool 1939 John Davies

Robert Blatchford and the Pope: Ten Years in the Life of Robert Peel Blatchford David Hargreaves

Sam Fitton’s Christmas Cartoons in the First World War Alan Fowler and Terry Wyke

Opposing the Great War: The story of Harold Derbyshire (1894-1945)

Shadow of a Nation Letitia Anne Rhys

Life and Labour in Altrincham 1890 - 1914 Colin Graham

The Manchester No-Conscription Fellowship Maintenance Committee 1916-1918 Alison Ronan

Fascism and Anti Fascism on Merseyside during the 1930s Stuart Murphy

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