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issue 40

James Keir Hardie by Christine Clayton

In Manchester I learned the Purpose: John Trevor and the Labour Church by David Hargreaves

How valuable a source of history ordinary people are by Jim Leigh

Radical Readings by Royston Futter

Broadside Ballads - Nineteenth Century Ballads from Collections in Manchester by J.E. Reid

James Connolly in Salford by Eddie Little

Hope in the dark: the role of the radical bookshop by Mandy Vere

The Trials of Ernest Everett by Jeremy Hawthorn

Voting for Change: 150 years of radical movements, 1819 to 1969 by Harriett Beeforth

No Friends of State; Port City Writers and The Sea by Tony Wailey

Labour in Altrincham during the War Years, 1914 to 1918 by Colin Graham

Recollections of a Working Life by John Smethurst

May Day Festival 2015: Manchester Trades Council by Matthew Thompson

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