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Issues of the North West Labour History Journal

The latest issue, and back issues of many editions, of North West Labour History journal are available to order. Costs for each issue include postage.

  • Issue 48

    A personal recollection of the early days of our Society by Alan Fowler
    A Transatlantic Friendship by Lucy Evans
    ‘Who killed Cock Robin?’ by Keith Laybourn
    The Times and the Great Hunger of 1847 by David Hargreaves
    Dr William Pickens – Anti Racist Internationalist by Henry Holborn
    The Lucas Aerospace Alternative Corporate Plan 1976 by Graham Hollinshead
    “Our future was unemployment and so we marched.” by Chris Jones
    Mary Bamber and the Liverpool Laundry Workers Strike of 1914 by James Rees
    The Manchester and Salford Strike Wave of Summer 1911 by Ralph Darlington

  • Issue 47

    The Labour Party Rally held at Belle Vue, Manchester 4th July, 1948 by Eddie Little and Pat Bowker
    Grass Roots Books 1971 - 1990 by Maggie Walker, Gay Jones, Fran Devine and Rick Secombe
    Single Step Lancaster
    News from Nowhere by Paula Moorhouse
    Getting our hands dirty Moss Side Community Press in the 1970s by Jo Somerset
    Manchester’s Opposition To Slavery: the Free Trade Hall Meetings by Chris Clayton
    The Lancashire Cotton Famine of 1861-1865 and the Increased Risk of Starvation for Indian Peasants by David Hargreaves
    The Occupation of Croxteth Comprehensive School by Lee Richardson
    Johnnie Duxbury 1907 - 1993 by Roger Smalley

  • Issue 46

    Bridging time through the magic of photography: Shirley Baker in Salford by Evelyn Ashmore
    Fielden Brothers of Todmorden: How one cotton firm profited from slavery By June Turner
    Master & Servants Acts: Warrington employers and magistrates versus William Prowting Roberts and trades unions 1846 - 1847 by Yvonne Eckersley
    Selina at the Unity by Kevin Webb
    Merseyside Aid to Spain Movement by Lee Richardson
    No Irish need apply by Caitlin Carter
    An undaunted library reinvents itself by Lynette Cawthra
    Give us work, not dole: A rank and file history of the Meccano sit-in by Greig Campbell
    Women’s Football – Not Just a Game? by Chris Clayton
    Remembering Veronica Trick
    Ellen Tooley: ‘The power to get things changed!’ Eccles’ First Woman councillor by Veronica Trick

  • Issue 45

    John Cassidy: Manchester Sculptor by Charles Hulme
    Alexandra Park Manchester: A Park Of Protest, 1870 to 1919 by Angela Downing
    Britain’s first migrant strike: labour militancy and racial politics at Courtaulds, Preston by Jack Hepworth
    The Deposing of William Huskisson by James Rees
    Public history and the past: slavery memorials in Lancaster by Hilda Kean
    Manchester, Liverpool and slavery by Marika Sherwood
    The Nelson Pacifists & the Jailed German Revolutionary by John Morrison
    Peterloo: The Ringing of Anniversary Bells by Alan Fowler & Terry Wyke
    “The Time is Now Rotten Ripe to Strike” the 1912 Garston Bobbin Workers Dispute by James Rees
    Strike At Pilkingtons: 50 Years On by Pierre Botcherby

  • issue 44

    Peterloo: Radicals, Magistrates and Female Reformers around Leigh and Wigan by Yvonne Eckersley
    Queens of the Coal Age: Lancashire Women Against Pit Closures by Pierre Botcherby
    The Scottish Labour History Society by David Hargreaves
    The North East Labour History Society by Eddie Little
    Mrs Pankhurst’s Advice Column: A Forgotten Manchester SourcePart II by Terry Wyke
    Thomas Unsworth, a ticket of leave man by Members of the Culcheth Local History Group
    An Extra Rowl-O'er by Alan Fowler
    The Liverpool Typists Strike 1981 by Peter Cresswell
    Alice Foley, A Bolton Childhood Part II by Alan Fowler
    Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society by Alice Lock
    Time and the Pankhursts: Emmeline & Christabel in Wartime by David Hargreaves
    TUC centenary celebrations at Belle Vue, Manchester 1968 by Neil Redfern
    The Liverpool Bread Riots, 1855 by R.M. Jones
    A good read?

  • issue 43

    A Stalybridge Blanketeer by Alice Lock

    Peterloo, William Cobbett & Tom Paine's Bones by Chris Clayton

    Reginald John Richardson Jack Peters

    The General Strike of 1842 by Chris Clayton & David Hargreaves

    Charles Shaw

    Mrs Pankhurst's Advice Column: A Forgotten Manchester Source by Terry Wyke

    The TUC Centenary of 1968 By David Hargreaves

    Introduction to 'A Bolton Childhood' by Alice Foley Alan Fowler

    Wigan's "doughty henchwomen" by Yvonne Eckersley

    A Blue Plaque for Jeannie by James Rees

    Joyce Marlow by Eddie Little

    Turbulent Times in Stalybridge by Edmund and Ruth Frow

  • Issue 42

    The ‘Real Rebels’ of the First World War by Alison Ronan

    John Smethurst Interview - part 2

    We Only Want The Earth A review by Stephen Rydzkowski

    Remembering the Blanketeers Transcript of a talk given by Trevor Fisher

    Strawberry Studios by Eddie Little

    Betty Tebbs: A woman with no fear of the powerful by Linda Clair

    A Mad Race for Armaments by David Hargreaves

    Cinderella comes to Manchester by Chris Clayton

    Workers’ Memorial Day by Paul Dennett

    Mary Hardie Bamber 1874 – 1938 by James Rees

    John Tocher and the limits of commitment by Geoff Brown

    The Mosley Rally King's Hall Belle Vue, February 1933 by Bernard Rothman

  • issue 41

    Jimmy Shand, Salford and the Spanish Civil War by Lee Richardson

    From Canada to Salford:Salford’s Forgotten Pacifist MP by Christine Clayton

    Winifred Mabel Letts: Poet Of Romance And War by Cynthia Greenwood

    Guernica in Manchester (Re-Representation) by Tim Dunbar

    The Battle of Belle Vue Street Remembered by Michael Bennett

    Alan O’Toole Lost Historian: The Man Who Found Tressell’s Grave by Tony Wailey

    The Stockport Socialist in the Easter rising by Robin Stocks

    “All work most harmoniously together”: Hyde in the cotton famine 1861-1865 by Christine Clayton

    The Voice Of Lancashire by Sacha Ismail

    Enid Stacy 1868-1903 by Rae Street

    No Power on Earth: the story of James Hindle Hudson by Christine Clayton

    Depicting the Battle of the Somme in Textile Lancashire by Alan Fowler & Terry Wyke

    Love on the Dole by Charlie Fairhurst

    150 years of Manchester & Salford Trades Council by Dennis Maginn

  • issue 40

    James Keir Hardie by Christine Clayton
    In Manchester I learned the Purpose: John Trevor and the Labour Church by David Hargreaves
    How valuable a source of history ordinary people are by Jim Leigh
    Radical Readings by Royston Futter
    Broadside Ballads - Nineteenth Century Ballads from Collections in Manchester by J.E. Reid
    James Connolly in Salford by Eddie Little
    Hope in the dark: the role of the radical bookshop by Mandy Vere
    The Trials of Ernest Everett by Jeremy Hawthorn
    Voting for Change: 150 years of radical movements, 1819 to 1969 by Harriett Beeforth
    No Friends of State; Port City Writers and The Sea by Tony Wailey
    Labour in Altrincham during the War Years, 1914 to 1918 by Colin Graham
    Recollections of a Working Life by John Smethurst
    May Day Festival 2015: Manchester Trades Council by Matthew Thompson

  • Issue 39

    1919 Race Riots In Liverpool Chloe Emmott
    The beacon of hope: Hyndman Hall Keith Scholey
    David Logan MP, Waiting for War: Liverpool 1939 John Davies
    Robert Blatchford and the Pope: Ten Years in the Life of Robert Peel Blatchford David Hargreaves
    Sam Fitton’s Christmas Cartoons in the First World War Alan Fowler and Terry Wyke
    Opposing the Great War: The story of Harold Derbyshire (1894-1945)
    Shadow of a Nation Letitia Anne Rhys
    Life and Labour in Altrincham 1890 - 1914 Colin Graham
    The Manchester No-Conscription Fellowship Maintenance Committee 1916-1918 Alison Ronan
    Fascism and Anti Fascism on Merseyside during the 1930s Stuart Murphy

  • Issue 38

    The Beginning Peter Carter
    Eric Leonard Taplin, 22 February 1925 – 22 September 2012 Sam Davies
    Eric Taplin and the Founding of the North West Labour History Society Alan Fowler
    Eric Taplin Francis Devine
    The General Strike in Manchester Ruth and Eddie Frow
    Blackpool: A miner’s daughter reflects on her first visit in 1930 Royce Turner and Andrea Wingfield
    How Did the American Civil War Affect the Lancashire Cotton Industry? Bill Pearson
    The Costs of War: Living in the Lancashire Coalfield 1943-1944 John Davies
    ’Much more must be done to save the Spanish Republic’: The Liverpool labour movement and the Spanish Civil War Richard Ryan Dublin Lock Out 1913 Chris Clayton
    The Mason and Wheeldon Families’ Fight For Justice Pat Bowker
    The Parentages of Edward Whittle and Margaret McKay Edward J. Davies

  • Issue 37

    Looking Beyond the Obvious: A photograph and the story of a strike and of strikes yet to come Andrew Simpson
    ‘This Was a Man ...’: Mr John Walsh of Liverpool and the Postmen’s Federation, 1854–1927 Francis Devine
    Annie Marland: Popular organiser for the Women’s Trade Union League Alice Lock
    Doing it the hard way! A Staff Photographer’s life at the Manchester Evening News Bob Corfield
    Fractured, fragile, creative: A brief analysis of wartime friendships between provincial women anti-war activists, 1914-1918 Alison Ronan
    Remembering Michael Prendergast and John William Sutcliffe Jeremy Hawthorn
    Nelson ILP Clarion House Centenary
    World War Two: On the Back Benches 1942 – JJ (Joe) Tinker John Davies

  • issue 36

    The Liverpool General Transport Strike, 1911 Eric Taplin
    An Unexpected Link with the 1911 Liverpool Transport Strike Bob Hayes
    So Why Not Have a Go? The Liverpool transport strikes of 1911 Jeremy Hawthorn
    ‘Rid The World’: Tom Mann and the 1911 Liverpool Transport Strike – Unity Theatre, Liverpool, March 2011 Pat Bowker
    ‘Cribbed, Cabined and Confined’ – Manchester United’s union ‘Outcasts’ of 1909 Lynette Cawthra
    A History of News From Nowhere, Liverpool’s Radical and Community Bookshop Mandy Vere
    The Asian Youth Movement in Manchester Anandi Ramamurthy
    Rowdyism versus Respectability’: Liverpool and Belfast’s experiences of Protestant street preaching during the Edwardian period Gareth Jenkins
    Evacuation from Liverpool in World War Two: A view from below John Davies

  • issue 35

    Brother Smethurst Francis Devine
    Pacifism and Socialism in Hyde during the Great War Christine Clayton
    Saving infant life in Bolton: Women co-operators to the rescue Mary Mullen
    Death of an Auxiliary Eddie Little
    Working-Class Culture in the 1930s: ‘Going to the dogs’, David Logan MP, unemployment, gambling and greyhound racing John Davies
    Making Masculinities: Boy’s football in Bolton in the 1920s Dr. Peter Swain
    The Weavers’ Triangle – Preserving Burnley’s textile heritage Brian Hall
    Symbolism in Trade Union Emblems at WCML Hazel Bowden
    Archaeological Investigations of Workers’ Housing in Manchester Norman Redhead
    John Smethurst 1934 – 2010: ‘A Man of the Left’

  • Issue 34

    Two Cocks on the Dunghill Penny Young

    The General Strike 1926: Some Catholic Responses, Cardinal Francis Bourne,
    John Wheatley MP, James Sexton MP and Joseph Tinker MP
    John Davies

    The Radical Press Gang ... Stephen Kingston

    Working-Class Heroes: Researching First World War Working-Class Soldiers Larysa Bolton

    Voices Magazine: A Cultural History Antony Rowland

    Philip Snowden’s dramatic conversion to socialism in 1893: A literary examination Tristan Bunnell

    Seth Sagar’s Memoirs: Part II

    The Plastic Bizzies: Part II John Lafferty

  • Issue 33

    Ruth Frow: A life in Labour History John Smethurst, Eric Taplin, Pat Bowker
    No Place for a Lady: How the unions tried to keep women out of office – a case study of Alice Foley Joyce Whitehead
    One Woman’s Story – September 1985 Marge Short
    Seth Sagar’s memoirs – part 1
    ‘The power to get things changed!’: Ellen Tooley, Eccles’ First Woman Councillor Veronica Trick
    The Politics of Pauperism in Salford in the 1920s John Henry
    Mothers and Daughters: Working Class Women, Liverpool 1900-1940 – an oral history John Davies
    Obituary: John (‘Jack’) Edward Washington

  • Issue 32

    Who makes the Nazis? North west experiences of the New Party, 1931-32 Matthew Worley
    Manchester, Liverpool and slavery Marika Sherwood
    Public history and the past: slavery memorials in Lancaster Hilda Kean
    Whose heritage? Adrian Mellor
    Cross-party support to save historic youth hostel Bob Abel
    Tameside oral history project Alice Lock
    The plastic bizzies John Lafferty
    Liverpool Love Lane Refinery Lives Ron Noon
    Ethel Carnie Holdsworth: her place in the Lancashire protest tradition and her distinctive propaganda style Roger Smalley
    A curious commemoration Bob Hayes
    Working-class women, Liverpool: Education, 1910-1930 – an oral history John Davies
    Michael Davitt, labour and the Irish question John Dunleavy
    The story of a Socialist Sunday School banner Gina Bridgeland

  • Issue 31

    The Strange Death of Liberal England John Garrard
    Liverpool dockworkers during the First World War Eric Taplin
    Davitt remembered: celebrating his life, 1846–1906, in his centenary year Kathleen Lindsay
    Opening up the people’s past to the people Naomi Symes
    Merseyside Labour: influences on the electoral performance of the Labour Party on Merseyside, 1918–1939 Sam Davies and Bob Morley
    John B Smethurst: a celebration Pat Bowker
    Ermen and Engels John B Smethurst
    John B Smethurst and the North West Labour History Group Eric Taplin
    Friends of Manchester Centre for Regional History Mike Rose
    Radical tourism Peter Clark
    Liverpool working-class women and World War Two: an oral history John Davies
    Preserving the past for the future Andrew Schofield
    With panache and probity: Barry Williams’ and the progressive movement Jo Stanley
    Edmund Frow: centenary Bob Hayes
    Bittersweet pensioner stories Ron Noon
    The litigious consequences of Mr Cube Ron Noon
    Joseph Williamson: the Mole of Edge Hill Norma White
    Bolton Socialist Club's centenary at Wood Street Denis Pye

  • Issue 30

    Bolton Socialist Party and Club: 100 Years at Wood Street, 1905-2005 Denis Pye
    ‘Not all gloom and doom’: seafaring on the Cape Mail during apartheid Mary Spreadbury
    Tameside’s Local Studies and Archives move to new purpose-built centre Maureen Burns
    Working together’: intercultural exchange contributes to successful European worker representation Christiane Horstenkamp
    ‘Joseph Rayner Stephens has not fared well at the hands of the historians’: a reappraisal on the bicentenary of his birth Bob Hayes
    Nelson ILP Clarion House: a remarkable survivor Chris Clegg
    The TEMP manifesto Steve Higginson and Tony Wailey
    Hazard! Health in the workplace over 200 years Lynda Jackson
    Michael Davitt: Irish patriot and campaigner for social justice Chris Clegg

  • Issue 29

    Voices, Votes and Mock Turtle Soup: Liverpool’s Socialist Women 1893 – 1914 Krista Cowman
    ‘Good men’: The history and culture of Liverpool Dockworkers Francis Kenny
    A Message From Mab: The Manchester working class and its attachment to Percy Bysshe Shelley in the early nineteenth century Michael Bush
    The 1945 Manchester Waterproof Clothing Workers’ Strike: Achieving success without traditional trade union support Viv Mackay
    Manchester and Salford Film Society Janette Martin
    Pedal Power ... The continuing journey of the National Clarion Cycling Club Richard Povall; original songs by Rebekah Hughesand Richard Povall
    Message in a Saddlebag Richard Povall
    Heritage, Commemoration and Interpretation: Labour and radical movements and the built environment Bob Hayes

  • Issue 28

    Mary Gawthorpe: A Suffragette in America Gail Malmgreen
    ‘Dear Sisters of the Earth’: The Public Voice of Manchester Women at the Time of Peterloo Michael Bush
    Eva Gore-Booth Michael Herbert
    ‘We Won’t Pay’
    ‘Was There Another England?’ Joan Littlewood in Manchester Ben Harker
    ‘Smile, please!’ Women Workers’ Place in North West Studio Photography 1850-1950 Jo Stanley
    The March of the Women
    The Women’s Peace Crusade in Manchester: June-September 1917 Alison Ronan
    The Complete Text of Hannah Eileen Murphy
    Writing Hannah Eileen Murphy
    ‘A Democracy of Working Women’: The Women’s Co-operative Guild

  • Issue 27

    Fighting Deportations and for Family Unity in Greater Manchester – The Early History Steve Cohen
    Anti-Fascism in the North West: 1976-1982 Dave Renton
    Malcolm X in Manchester and Sheffield Marika Sherwood
    Gender, Class and Political Activism in the North West: Labour Women’s Organisation in the 1970s Margaret Creear
    My Seventies Bernadette Hyland
    Children of the Ghetto: The Story of The Real Thing Dave Haslam
    A Continued Commitment to Socialism: Jim Allen’s Television Drama in the 1970s Andy Willis
    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised? The Manchester Film and Video Workshop John Crumpton
    The Revolution in High Lane? Direct Action Community Politics in Manchester in the 1970s Brian Doherty
    The Possibilities of Print: The Alternative Press in the North West during the 1970s Bob Dickinson
    The Spanner to the Root Ernie Dalton
    Putting a Spanner Up NAFF Don Watson
    Music Force CP Lee
    Northern England Dreams in Republican Spain Jo Stanley
    Ewan MacColl: The Debate Ben Harker and CP Lee

  • Issue 26

    Grass Eye: The story of an underground newspaper Bob Dickinson
    The Campaign for Democratic Socialism 1960-1964: An Assessment Richard Gorton
    From Gentlemen’s Club to Folk Festival: The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in Manchester, 1958-1963 Holger Nehring
    Television Drama and Social Change: Jim Allen in the 1960s Andrew Willis
    Ewan MacColl – The people’s friend? CP Lee
    Liverpool in the 1960s: Counter-cultural struggles on the Mersey Jo Stanley
    The Music of the People – The Manchester Folk Scene: A very personal and
    perhaps coloured memoir
    Mike Harding
    Communist Party Biographical Project. Communism and the British Labour Movement: A prosopographical analysis, September 1999 – August 2001 Andy Flinn
    Material on the North West in the 1960s at the Pumphouse People’s History Museum Phil Dunn

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